It’s not fair to say the expanse gets better and better with every episode – it’s consistently brilliant. That’s my message to you today.

Like any series The Expanse has ups and downs.  Like all of the stand-out series ever made there will always be moments that stick in the memory and you think back to as high-points.  But the shows that really stand out always have a consistently high standard.  Think of these shows:

  • The Sopranos
  • Breaking Bad
  • Game of Thrones

Superb quality throughout and some standout moments.

  • The Sopranos –  think season 1 episode 13 and season 6/2 episode 18
  • GoT – think “The Battle of the Bastards” and”The Mountain and the Viper
  • Breaking Bad –  think Season 4 episode 13 and many others

With these shows I’m sure most fans will point you to other equally great episodes.  They’re right.

I’m now bracketing The Expanse in a similar vein due to its constant levels of quality story coupled with some truly memorable individual episodes.  For the Expanse, S1 ep 1, S1 ep 10 and S2 ep 5 were all outstanding.  Season 2 has been very high quality thoughout so with 2 more episodes to go I’m expecting a bit of a build up to a massive season 2 ending.

I hope more people in the US decide to watch it when it’s first broadcast.  As explained brilliantly on The Geek’s guide to the Galaxy podcast, episode 248, the ratings are pushing it close to the cancellation line.  It’s been renewed for season 3 but needs to keep its ratings up and presumably get more views on other measurable sites such as Netflix to convince Syfy it should continue.

We have a duty to keep it going and avoid it meeting the same fate as Firefly. Firefly is the most often quoted “sad cancellation”, but The Expanse is better.