Theresa May has announced that she will seek to form a coalition with Khorne, The Blood God to provide the country the strong and stable leadership it needs at this time.

Khorne is the Lord of Murder, the embodiment of anger, whose bellows of rage echo through the multiverse.

May stated that she didn’t believe it was a “Coalition of Chaos” at all.  May said:

We haven’t even approached Slaanesh, The Dark Prince of Chaos and we would never work with Nurgle, Lord of Decay due to the smell.

When asked about what concessions he would be seeking from The Conservatives, Khorne said:

When we looked into it we found our policies were quite well aligned so I don’t see any major stumbling blocks.

When pressed he added:

Well we will insist that the slogan of the coalition is “BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!”