Anybody heard of a movie called ‘Spectral’?

Spectral is an action sci-fi film starring James Badge Dale, Emily Mortimer and Bruce Greenwood. There’s been no trailer and there’s not much information out there. It’s been described as ‘Ghostbusters’ meets ‘Black Hawk Down’.

Spectral will follows a DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) scientist who embarks on a deadly mission with a Special Ops team in a battle-scarred and war-torn city. Once there, the team must hunt down mysterious phantom aggressors who have been causing inexplicable civilian deaths.

The film is based on a short story by Ian Fried, was shot largely on location in Budapest, and relies heavily on practical effects in order to serve up an authentic, gritty atmosphere firmly planted in reality.

Netflix acquired it from Legendary – presumably they decided they weren’t going to make any money from it with a cinema release.  It’s hitting Netflix on 9 Dec apparently.

Let’s face it, it’s bound to be utter guff, but we’re going to watch it so you don’t have to.