The internet is abuzz with the rumour that Kris Marshall will be the next Dr. Who.  Peter Capaldi recently announced his retirement from the role, and Marshall revealed he is leaving Death in Paradise after 4 years on the show.  The bookies have installed him as the favourite so let’s review the requirements:

  • British actor – check
  • Slightly dippy and detatched – check
  • Can portray a romantic relationship that’s not a romantic relationship – check
  • Able to deliver clever sounding speeches to explain the solution to a problem – check
  • Capable of taking over from a much loved actor after several series – check
  • Has a history with a sonic device – pushing it a bit here comparing the sonic screwdriver to a BT phone, but give us some slack

He’s got all the characteristics required to fill the role, and while it might have been refreshing to see a bigger change to the Doctor, such as Olivia Coleman, I’m fairly sure Kris Marshall can do the role justice if he’s selected.