Here’s a useful list of curse words from sci-fi that can be useful when you want to express your feelings without actually really swearing.

When I saw the title the first words that sprung to mind were from Judge Dredd so I was surprised not to see them in the list.  So in addition to those, spare a though for these (definitions from Judge Dredd Wiki):

  • Drokk – a profanity, it is used most commonly as a verb (eg. “Drokk it!” or “You little drokker!” ) but also an adverb (i.e “Get the drokk down!” )
  • Grud – an object of worship by the inhabitants of Vatican City, it is usually used as analagous to God (eg. “Grud Damnit!” ).
  • Stomm – an unpleasant substance (eg. “What is this stomm?” )

Even with these words coming from sci-fi we’d probably advise not using the last one on io9’s list in polite company.


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